Forum Thread: With Only a Nail Polish Stick You Can Make a"24k Gold Pen" ,DO Not Need Electroplating

The first golden pen made from a normal pen with a polish stick.This tutorial works for most of plastic pen with a electroplating silver penhead.


Before electroplating a metal layer like nickel?chromium and other metal,some matiarial need to be electroplated a copper you can use the polish stick to remove the silver layer and get a cool copper layer

what you need:a two-side polish stick for nail art a normal signing pen (with silver pen head)
primary process: first brush then polish it
I really recomend you to see my youtube video ,it is only 16s without ad.

Step 1: Remove the Silver Layer

Use the Green (Rough)Side to Remove the Silver Layer ,You Can Get a Golden Is Copper.

Step 2: Polish the Copper Layer

use the white side(smooth)to polish the copper can get a shining golden pen.

Step 3: Remove the Copper Layer and Polish It

This step is optional, if you like the gold color isugguest you do not do it

use the rough side to remove the copper layer

copper is eazy to rust.but you can patina it to make cool color
check my another longer video to know more.Thanksfor watching!

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